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Animation Power Week!

2013-08-15 17:49:10 by utubedude8245onNG

As you may be aware, I am animating episode two of Nerds Afloat.
(Watch episode one here)
To motivate myself to get it released as soon as possible, I have created and am participating in a little thing I call

Essentially, reject mundane or lazy habits and spend an entire week animating to the best of your ability.
I will use this Animation Powerweek to continue to animate Nerds Afloat Episode 2.
I wish all animators using this powerweek the best of luck, and I will post my progress in a week!!!

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Animation Power Week!

Hey, y'all,

So, if you've been reading my posts, you'll know that I am working on my own skit length Titanic-themed parody called Loose Lips Sink Ships.

As for said parody, in my last post, I said Mid May, but from now on, I WILL NOT GIVE RELEASE DATES UNTIL I AM ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN OF IT. For now, LIKE my facebook page, Utubedude8245 because occasionally during its production, I'll be posting progress pics along with occasional insider info about what was going through my head at the time.

Thank you and stay tuned.

Finishing Up

2013-04-05 20:33:08 by utubedude8245onNG

Okay, so three quick things:

1. I hope you enjoyed the teaser for Nerds Afloat, because episode one will be arriving fairly soon. Stickfiguremasterdx animates episode one in its entirety, then I do episode two, and we'll alternate from then. Ergo, get excited for not only the series premiere of Nerds Afloat, but my animated debut in episode two, which will be my first official animation for an ongoing series, of which I am very excited for.

2. I am not dead. I've been trying to find time to dedicate to continuing my work, but with Senior Project, part I due soon, as well as Prom in the next few weeks, I haven't gotten around to finding the time. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I'M GIVING UP, because GOOD NEWS!

I have started the script and plan to work on a NEW flash to be released sometime mid May at the latest.
It will be called Loose Lips Sink Ships, and I'm striving to make it skit-length, and of "production" quality, so be on the lookout for that.

If you'd like to see progress pictures for Loose Lips Sink Ships, please do not hesitate to LIKE my facebook page.

3. Lastly, me and Stickfiguremasterdx have started a gaming channel called FigMasterGaming. Go subscribe because I told you not to and you're the kind of person that does the opposite of what people say.

Thank you for watching, Stay Tuned, and in the wait, art may be released periodically like it has been
Be sure to check out the new stuff I have recently submitted \/

2013: A New Start

2013-02-16 19:33:01 by utubedude8245onNG

So sorry for the lack of animated content lately.
I went through a long phase of many problems with all the tools I was using.
Audacity wasn't opening, Flash wouldn't export to a decent quality format,

That's all in the past, however!

Since the release of Swivel, I was overly anxious to get it and test it on the 1953-1964 animation to attempt to upload it to YouTube. There was a random issue with the sound in the swf exporting with the animation, but I'll get around to fixing that.

I'm beginning work very soon on short animated skits for both here and YouTube, shortly before starting an Indiegogo campaign on my two animated series, which I will fully explain in the pitch video once the campaign goes live.

Other than that, I've been releasing artwork when I have done them and will continue to do so inbetween flashes.

Here are links to my nonsense:
Utubedude8245 Facebook Page
Utubedude8245 YouTube Channel
More drawings on DeviantArt
and while I don't use this as often... Utubedude8245's Twitter

Stay Beautiful, my figs. Yes, you are still my fig newtons. I never forgot that. :)


2012-11-01 19:24:08 by utubedude8245onNG

I am about to make a short comedic parody animation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic featuring the Cutie Mark Crusaders with exchanged names.

What I need from anyone reading this is a background about between 800-1000x360 of a dirt road path to the entrance to the Everfree Forest complete with hills and maybe a windmill or two in the very background (basically how it would look on the show). Things in the very background will be up to you.

PM me if you are interested in doing this, you will be credited in my next 5 to 10 works, or any of your choosing as inspiration or something along those lines. We'll work it out. I thank you in advance.

Dafuq have I been?

2012-10-24 21:24:58 by utubedude8245onNG

I've been away from my computer for quite a while, no reason specifically.
I did upload more art here not too long ago though.
Anyway, recent stuff like Dick Figures the Movie storyboard livestream and the opp FINALLY for another animated project for high school, and a general higher confidence, I'm now going to try hard to get SOME content, not gonna promise anything for a while.

Also the Collab I'm doing with @Decky is back up and running, the script is in the mix and we're collaborating on finishing it, hopefully soon.

I'm back in the time of highschool where the actual work is coming in, so like I said I'm not ABSOLUTELY promising anything, but one thing i can promise, unless my plan has to change, is that the animated project for school (Economics) will be up by December 14th ish. I have about 7 or so weeks on that, so expect some "production quality" increases.
Thank you

Collab anyone?

2012-08-27 12:06:16 by utubedude8245onNG

After receiving news that i had to do summer reading, I absolutely just had no time to dedicate to decent length animated projects. Through the course of my animation "deadness", i did get some ideas that I might work upon, but while I'm sleeping on my 4 or 5 ideas at the moment, I wanted to come to anyone who wants to collab or needs some kind of animator for any of their projects.

Anyone who is interested, PM me unless you know me otherwise.

P.S. After practically crying realizing that I have no excuse for not being responsible in general, I am now fully committed to keeping any promises I make. I will let you know of any extenuating circumstances if I am forced to break a promise from here on in, so

Clean Slate!

Let's work together!

I just noticed these were shown at Comic Con! 2 MLP Season 3 songs for your viewing pleasure!

^Spike makes his singing debut in this one!^

Watch the other one here:
My Little Pony: Season 3 Crystal Fair song

Announced: Cintiq 22HD

2012-07-10 02:12:28 by utubedude8245onNG

I just saw this in my sub box today, then immediately checked wacom.com. It's not officially on the site yet.

I'm personally going to go for the 21UX because although the 22 is going to be a tad bigger, it'll likely also be a few hundred more expensive.

Plus you never really know with a brand new product.
I'll stick with what I know for now,

Looks good though. If you're interested, by all means.
I'm just gonna be happy with my 21ux (when i buy it)
Yeah, that's about it...
Go back to your Newgrounds now. :P

I can't believe it has taken me 17 years to finally open my own bank account! lol
I wanted to speed up the getting part after I realized you need one for Indiegogo.com, which is a seemingly more successful funding site. It is there I will set up a campaign to raise funds to promote pretty much both of my animated series. The campaign will mainly focus on Constantine the Credulous, but the other one will just be mentioned as an additional. They are both of the same magnitude in terms of my desire to do them, I just would rather do CTC first.

So, stay tuned for this epic Indiegogo campaign. I'll be sure to link you when it's ready. :)